Improvements from September 2019

We’ve been busy all year preparing these improvements, we hope you like them. Many of you have provided feedback and trialled these changes, thank you!

Improved questions

With 4 years of feedback and usage data, we now have the most accurately graded questions for the Irish curriculum. Questions have been added to cover more difficulty levels, giving a more balanced progression within each concept.

See details for updated topics. Further content updates each month.

“Needs revision” grade indicator

If you have previously passed a concept, but it now looks like you have forgotten it, we provide a reminder: “Needs revision”. This reminder disappears if you revise it, or if you work on any other related concept that shows that you know this one.

Question difficulty indicator

Every question in BuildUp now displays an indicator of its difficulty level. This helps teachers and students know how difficult the question is, based both on the opinion of our authors and how other students have fared.

Earlier detection of struggling students

If a student is really struggling on a concept, we now offer guidance earlier, to reduce the level of student frustration. By suggesting other questions a student should practice first, we help build confidence and increase persistence.

Show student grades on topicmaps

The topicmap for each topic now includes the grades of the student. This makes their progress more visible, and hopefully increases their awareness of how their knowledge and mastery is growing.

Assignment details drill-down

Teachers can now drill down into student homework to identify exactly where a student is struggling, right down to individual answers given. Student sessions can be replayed as the student say them, including time spent.

Download reports

Teacher reports can now be downloaded in Excel format. This allows teachers to record the BuildUp data more easily in other systems, for your own tracking, or for use in grading.

Prediction accuracy

The accuracy of the BuildUp has increased significantly this year, thanks to a big improvement in the Machine Learning technologies used. BuildUp can now predict if a student will get any question correct with an average accuracy of 86%, before they even start the concept!