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Perfect for Transition Year

We use it with all of our TY classes. I do 1 teaching class, 1 Buildup Class and 1 project class every week. It puts a great structure on the year and it really keeps them in touch with curriculum maths.

Claire McGinleyLoreto Convent Donegal

How does BuildUp suit the TY maths programme?

Irish curriculum

As students finish the JC and move into TY, it is important reinforce key maths skills learnt at JC level, not just ensuring retention but also building fluency. This makes a huge difference to student performance in the LC cycle.

TY structure

Feedback from teachers says that the most effective way to run a TY maths module is 1/3 BuildUp, 1/3 teaching and 1/3 project work. Choose your modules, agree the percentage of the final grade that goes to BuildUp and set your class up for success.

Personalised revision

Students can use BuildUp to revise the core skills of maths while they develop new skills in TY. As the learning path adjusts to each student, any misconceptions from JC are addressed now, avoiding problems and difficulties later.

How to purchase

BuildUp is available as a 1-year, 2-year or 3-year licence.

If you are using BuildUp with your teacher, please check if your school is organising the purchase directly.

  • Purchase through your school
  • BuildUp cards in your local bookshop
  • Purchase BuildUp directly here.

No matter which way you buy, you will have access to the same courses, and can join any teacher’s class at any time.