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Webinar – BuildUp during School Closures

By March 18, 2020February 22nd, 2021No Comments

In this webinar, we get you set up using BuildUp during the School Closures.

  • Getting started with BuildUp for your maths class
  • Tips and guidance on running remote classes during the school closures
  • Q&A time to answer any questions

Click the PLAY button on the video image below.

Selected Q&A from the Webinar

Morning,until what date will the students be allowed use buildup? Thanks

For all the school closures. So even though it says that Free Trials are only for 7 days, they will keep going for until schools reopen.

Great facility thank you Is there any material for LC students?

For LC: the TY content contains some modules to prep for the LC, but the LC course is not there yet. It should be released in Sept. Sorry about that!

Do the students have to be online when they get their assignment or just have their account set up?

For assignments: they will see the Assignment the next time they log in, once they have their account set up.

Can you see the questions in the assignments you set before you set them.

You can preview the questions in the assignment. Teachers will see everyone possible question in the assignment (using Preview Content), but each student will only see the 5-7 questions most suitable to their level.

Can you do the same topic twice -do the Questions change?

Yes, students can repeat the concept or topic multiple times. The difficulty level will adjust, so students should see some different questions, but some questions will be repeated. Also, in some questions, the numbers change but the question-format is the same.

So, we need to arrange for our students to have a met-up time where everyone is online and able to avail of the assignment at the same time?

You don’t need to do the assignments at the same time. But if you do, it often gets a good rate of completion.